Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to Order Your FishBanks Game

The FishBanks Ltd. game was developed by Professor Dennis Meadows, co-author of Limits to Growth (Chelsea Green, 1972), after many years of testing and development. 

Today each set sells for US$200 plus postage. The kit includes:
  • the FishBanks game board;
  • 50 small wooden boats of varying denominations;
  • an 85-page User's Manual, which contains extensive information on setting up, introducing, conducting, and debriefing the game plus detailed instructions for operating the computer program;
  • one CD that contains a 10-minute video of Dennis Meadows introducing the game. This video is presented in two formats, one for the Mac and one for a Windowsmachine. It permits you to start a game session without yourself making the summary of roles, rules, and goals; and
  • one CD that contains the game software, data files, and two Powerpoint slide sets - one for introducing the game (an alternative to the above video) and one for debriefing the game.

The game’s computer program can be executed on most computers and most operating systems. It does work on both Macintosh and on Windows machines.

You may not duplicate the game software or manual. However, once you have purchased the game kit you can use it indefinitely without paying royalties. You only need to make photocopies each time of the role description and the decision sheets. These are distributed in hard copy to the players, who normally mark them up, so it is important to have fresh copies of these for each game.

You can pay for the game by sending a check for US$200 to:

FishBanks Game
PO Box 844
Durham, NH 03824

or by authorizing a charge against some valid credit card. If you wish to purchase the game, please indicate your preferred mode of payment and send the precise mailing address to: lataillede@aol.com

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